About Me

Hector Mayorga

With a background in the military, serving in the Air National Guard. I am a graduate from The Digital Animation & Visual Effects School. In the DAVE School, I have learned different techniques when it comes to modeling and sculpting, computer animation and rigging, as well compositing and texturing. Throughout my school year I have experience in Maya, 3Ds Max, Modo, Zbrush, Photoshop, Premiere, Nuke, Mocha, & Mari. I work on a short production film in the end, where I learned and became more efficient through pipeline structure, including communication throughout the department, solving technical issues among the pipeline and using production communication software. 

In the past 10 Years I also have worked in retail where I learn the standards and the advancement for sales, and marketing. I also took classes and went to training modules for social media marketing. With this experience, I started my mission by opening my business; Viral Media Consulting Agency, LLC.

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